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The creator of Adventure Time and the creator of Gravity Falls

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Signal boost!!!!
Chloe a 10 month old French bulldog was taken from her mommy yesterday. A women came into the shop and wanted to pet the dog and when she was petting her dog the women picked up the dog and ran away in a black car with no licence plate.
If you know who the women is in the photo please contact
The number above in the photo.
If you do not know the women please repost this because someone has to know.
Help the mother of the puppy get her baby back.

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If you’re tired of creepy douchebags, here’s a cute lizard with some raspberries on his head.

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also my legs are super sickly pale i wish i wasn’t so afraid of going out and getting a tan

This dress is simultaneously horrible and amazing because it fits really well and it’s cute BUT: 1. the zipper broke the first day I wore it so I had to sew it closed and 2. the inner sheath of the dress ripped the first day too 

ah modcloth… I both love and loathe you.


BANG" in anime over the years:

Yu Yu Hakusho (1992)

Cowboy Bebop (1998)

Death Note (2006)

Eden of the East (2009)

Durarara!! (2010)

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I mean it’s not really MTAC’s fault they had to downsize. It’s the people who go to the rave. They’re a bunch of brats who don’t even go to the con for the con but the rave. They ruin it for the rest of us. MTAC should probably do away with the rave or turn it into more of a “dance” than a rave. There is a ball but the fact that you have to be in formal wear/theme-matching cosplay is bullshit.

I’ve had some issues but it’s mostly been from the hotel and not the con staff.

that makes sense; i also heard there’s a new staff in place this year so they’re not really ready for everything? and yeah i agree, i always found the rave to be really annoying, and i think a few people have had drug overdoses there in the past few years, that or dehydration. 

I really liked last year’s convention area but I didn’t like sharing it with the horror con because they were pretty rude to us. but I still do think that the Murfreesboro convention area was not the place to move it, especially because of the parking situation and stuff. I’ve been poking around on Facebook and apparently people are parking in Walmart and getting shuttled to the con because some people tried parking in the Avenue and got towed. 

I dunno, for the size of it and the issues, I am glad I saved my money by not going to MTAC this year so I could have more fun at Dragon*Con later this year. 

i wanna go to murfreesboro to do some shopping

but apparently the traffic is horrible because of the stupid anime convention

freakin nerds, ruining everything

also i’m glad i didn’t go this year because apparently it’s super crowded/smelly/generally terrible. i knew it would be; the m-boro convention center is too small for it